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Brisbane Fridge Hire & Refrigeration Sales Specialists

If your business relies on refrigeration, call the team from Goodhew's Refrigeration Service Pty Ltd. Specialising in refrigeration rental and refrigeration sales in Brisbane, we offer a complete service for commercial refrigeration.

As a local company, we pride ourselves on being able to supply all your fridge hire needs in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and surrounds. We work with clients in the retail food and beverage industries, but also supply to a huge variety of other clients including Florists, Chemists, Butchers, Fruit Barns, Supermarkets, and the list goes on. With a personalised approach, we are large enough to supply your commercial refrigeration needs and small enough that you can sit down and discuss your requirements with us.

We also have many longstanding clients, from outside the Metropolitan area, including Country Queensland and New South Wales. If you need a fridge hire service outside Brisbane, we will work with you local service professionals, and supply equipment and "know how" to the people on the local scene. Don't hesitate to call us for a free quote.

Cost effective solutions

When you contact Goodhew's Refrigeration, you can be assured you will be talking with someone who is not just a salesman, but a qualified refrigeration mechanic. We can provide you with reliable and knowledgeable refrigeration advice, so you can get back to running your business. We will discuss our range of options with you, which include:

  • Fridge Hire
  • Refrigeration Sales
  • Commercial Cold-rooms
  • Hospitality Refrigeration
  • Supermarket Refrigeration
  • Speciality and Custom built solutions.

About us

Goodhew's Refrigeration Service Pty Ltd was established in 1980, specialising in commercial refrigeration. Over the years, we have grown to become a well-respected name in the refrigeration industry throughout Queensland and New South Wales.

We are proud to be an Australian owned business and have forged a vital business relationship with a number of National clients as well as a multitude of small business "friends".

We have developed relationships with manufacturers of high quality custom made Refrigeration, and Hot food equipment. We are also a trusted supplier of Austral refrigeration equipment to the independent supermarkets and retailers of Queensland.

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Advantages of Buying or Hiring Fridges in Brisbane

There are many types of businesses that require commercial refrigeration equipment to preserve their merchandise or products. Restaurants and grocery stores need heavy duty fridges to keep their perishable food supplies from spoiling. Florists always use refrigerators to help prolong the life of floral arrangements so they don't wilt before customers receive their deliveries.

If you are looking to replace broken refrigerators or if you need to get equipment for your new business, you have the options of buying or renting fridges. There are advantages and you need to carefully consider them before signing your name on a purchase or renting contract.

Advantages of Buying Equipment

There are several advantages when buying it outright whether it is a copier or commercial refrigeration. One is they belong to your business after you buy them. Since you have constant, long-term refrigeration needs and the technology for this type of equipment is rarely outdated, it is to your advantage not to pay monthly fee for years.

Buying your commercial refrigeration equipment comes with tax incentives as well. Each tax period, you can claim the depreciation on your taxes to help lower your tax burden. However, before doing so, you need to speak to a tax expert to help you figure out the amount of your depreciation as it will change as your equipment ages.

Your business can potentially save money for buying fridges if you purchase used or refurbished equipment. Rather than buying brand new refrigeration equipment, buying used equipment can save you thousands of dollars. Since most pre-owned equipment usually isn't eligible for long-term rentals, this is the best way to save money when you need newer refrigerators.

Advantages of Hiring Equipment

If you are opening a new business that requires refrigeration, renting or hiring the equipment may be a good option for your budget. New refrigeration equipment would require an outlay of several thousand dollars, money that your business may not be able to afford to spend.

With rent a fridge, you can keep your capital for other business necessities. By paying a monthly fridges rental fee, you still get what you need at a price you can afford. There are also several tax advantages for renting or hiring equipment as well. For instance, the business doesn't own the equipment for tax purposes and with rent fridges, you don't have to pay GST as you would when buying the equipment outright.

Usually, at the end of the hire term, you have the option to buy the equipment or hire newer equipment. Since it is already in place, you can get a greater price on the equipment you already have and keep it for your company. Before deciding if you want to buy, hire or rent a refrigeration equipment, consult your accountant for the best financial option for your business.

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